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Babble Report | Martin Wittfooth’s Dark Water

Posted by on Jan 7, 2012 in Babble Report, Featured | 0 comments

Babble Reports are short posts that lead to Samantha’s writing outside of...

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That Which Remains

Posted by on Oct 22, 2011 in Announcements, Art Shows, Artist Spotlight, Featured, Studio Visit, White Rabbit | 0 comments

What remains after all decor is stripped down to our bare bones is what makes...

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Outside the White Box | Talk with Independent Curator, Samantha Levin

Posted by on Oct 9, 2011 in Announcements, White Rabbit | 0 comments

One of the best ways to get artwork seen today is through creating your own...

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The Futility of Fighting with Chaos

Posted by on Sep 5, 2011 in Art Critiques | 0 comments

Hurricane Irene left very little damage in New York City compared to what...

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A Bitter Message

Posted by on Aug 28, 2011 in Artist Spotlight, Video | 0 comments

A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief is a dark film that follows...

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Meditative Melancholia

Posted by on Aug 4, 2011 in Artist Spotlight | 0 comments

I’m really loving Tun Myaing’s new works.  Beautiful and melancholy…as...

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Dark Accessories as Wearable Art

Posted by on Jul 28, 2011 in Artist Spotlight | 0 comments

I rarely post fashion up here, but these two artists, Wren Britton and J. L....

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ISAM – Control over Nature | Tessa and Tobin Collaborate

Posted by on May 31, 2011 in Art On View, Art Shows | 0 comments

How upset am I that I’m not in London?  There are no words. Not only is...

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