With: Allison Sommers, Anthony Pontius, Christina Graf, Caitlin Karolczak, Góthic Hangman, Jeremy Hush, Joshua Harker: Artist, Julianna Menna, Max Kahan, Michal Brodka, Michael Bukowski, Nicomi Nix Turner, Paul Romano, Robert Kraiza, Ronnie Ray Mendez, Seldon Hunt, Tom Torluemke, Yao Xiao, Yuri Leonov and Zoë Williams.

Opening March 15th. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

| Limited Edition Print by Caitlin Hackett |

SLFA is currently offering a gorgeous limited edition print of Caitlin Hackett's "In Memory" painting. The print is on high-quality archival paper and was printed at the same size as the original work. CLICK HERE for more information.


Our page of original available artworks is password protected. If you are a collector interested in seeing our current available inventory, please EMAIL US to obtain access. above image: Caitlin Karolczak's "Red Noise"

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Excellent Exhibitions Abroad and Away | Anagnorisis Picks

Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Anagnorisis Picks, Art On View, Featured | Comments Off

On my blog, I usually like to focus on what’s going on in New York and...

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Artful Weekend Plans | Anagnorisis Picks

Posted by on May 8, 2013 in Anagnorisis Picks, Art On View, Events, Featured | Comments Off

This weekend is going to be a wonderful one for the arts – there’s a lot going on and I won’t be able to come close to touching upon most of it. This is the second of the two art fair seasons in New York, so beyond the various art fairs to attend, there are also lots of events and exhibitions planned in concurrence. Here are my recommendations for the weekend along with links to a couple of other more comprehensive guides.

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Die Wunderkammer; Objects of Virtue | Babble Report

Posted by on Mar 23, 2013 in Babble Report, Featured | 1 comment

Thanks to the generosity of artist Lori Field, I recently had the pleasure of attending the VIP opening of a new exhibition, Die Wunderkammer; Objects of Virtue. Curated by Jason Patrick Voegele and Keith Schweitzer of Republic Worldwide this wondrous exhibition is installed at a new gallery called The Lodge at 131 Chrystie Street in New York City.

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Rooms | An Art Collector’s Pop Up Exhibition

Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in Anagnorisis Picks, Collector Spotlight, Events, Featured, Interviews | Comments Off

Collector and curator, Avi Gitler, who has collected artwork from around the world, talks a little about his love for art and invites you to view his current pop up exhibition in New York's TriBeCa district.

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Oh No! It’s Armory Week!

Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in Events, Featured | Comments Off

New York Armory week is about to begin again in a couple of days (or tonight in some cases). The world is about to descend upon a myriad of art exhibits in little 200 sq foot galleries over the course of the coming weekend. Recommendations, including the rogue (UN)Fair, within!

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Art New York This Week | Anagnorisis Picks

Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in Anagnorisis Picks, Art Shows, Featured | Comments Off

It would seem that you all preferred my periodic art show picks emails over my glitchy calendar. Well, I suppose I don't blame you. So, here are my picks for this week - mostly what I'll be going to this very Saturday, February 23rd, including an exhibition all about scent.

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Babble Report | New Prints by Nicoletta Ceccoli

Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Babble Report, Featured | Comments Off

Nicoletta Ceccoli‘s porcelain creatures, in their odd, sticky-sweet surroundings seem a bit like illustrations for children’s books. The artist’s palette of childhood pastels and ghostly whites, softly rendered into gentle forms, are nurturing and inviting. This lure gives way quickly, revealing the uncanny, visceral qualities of her creatures’ gestures and facial expressions, belying their innocence and emotively exploring the confusion of adulthood. They are, in their surreality, uncomfortably real.

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O+ Prognosis is Excellent!

Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Announcements, Charity, Featured, O+ | Comments Off

Almost 2,000 people attended the 3rd Annual O+ Festival held in the Historic Stockade District of Uptown Kingston from October 5th through 7th this year. Amazing coverage for this groundbreaking event helped to make this year a tremendous success. All of the money raised goes toward the provision of medical supplies for the event. For more information on O+ or to learn how to become involved next year, please visit: www.opositivefestival.org

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