Artist Career Advisement

It can be very demoralizing when you get no responses from galleries to which you have submitted your artwork. I can help you figure out why your efforts have been fruitless. The reasons are different for everyone.

If you are an artist, young or old, seeking career advisement, I am available for New-York-area studio visits and online consultations. I can help you figure out how you and your artwork fits into the art industry. I’ll help you self-evaluate your practice (studio, organization, brand…), clarify your artistic identity and focus on specific steps to take to grow your art careers.

To find out if my services might work for you, please read everything on this page VERY CAREFULLY and then contact me via the form below. There is no charge unless we book a consultation. Include your website address (if you don’t have a website, make one for free here or here (or for a fee, you can throw one together here), and get at least some images of your artwork onto it) and answer the following questions:

1. How long have you been making your artwork and how much have you made so far?

2. Can you describe your style? What genre do you think you fit into and why?

3. Do you want to show your work in a gallery? If so, why?

4. How thick is your skin? When someone negatively criticizes your artwork, is it extremely upsetting or like water off a duck’s back?

5. What kind of artistic training have you received?

6. Are you able to visit local galleries frequently? If no, why not?

7. What do you do for a living? Are you currently in school?

8. Who are some of your favorite artists? Have you seen their work in person?

9. What is your ultimate artistic goal? How do you imagine yourself as a successful artist?

10. Finish this sentence: “You’re not a real artist unless you _____.”

If you don’t include a link to your artwork online (I will not accept images via email) or if you don’t answer the questions, I can’t help you and won’t respond to you. I’m happy to view your work on Flickr, Facebook or similar platforms.

Do not hire me as your adviser and assume that I will work as your agent! My advisement services do not include any introductions to galleries – don’t ask me and don’t offer me extra money to become your agent. I will not put your artwork into an exhibition after an advisement session. It is extremely difficult to get this point across. It will be a waste of your time and money if you ignore this and assume my advisement package will result in an exhibition.

You may wish to peruse Wet Canvas‘s forums before contacting me. There are many artists there who are very happy to provide free advice. Also, Artsy Shark‘s posts provide a ton of insight as well. I highly recommend both websites as valuable resources.

Submit your work to me via art @