Are you an artist who is looking for representation?

Read this very carefully!!

I’m not working as an agent or rep at this time. I’m also not accepting art submissions. I get many inquiries about representation from artists who I can’t help. At this point, I can’t respond to everyone any longer. I also cannot recommend agents.

However, I do recommend that you reach out to other artists who create work that is similar to yours, and through relationships with them, meet representatives or galleries who can work with you. The best tool you can utilize in your art career is your peer group: those other artists who know who you are as an artist and understand your work. This will help you filter out who will and won’t work with you best.

Check out the blog post I wrote for RedBubble about the value of a peer group. ArtsyShark has some additional advice about the value of an artist’s agent. Here’s more information on artists’ agents.

Specifically relevant here: “Empowering yourself to be your own agent may be the best option, since no one cares about your art as much as you do. But if you do find yourself in need of an agent, you may try to contact a licensing agent or a marketing agency such as Agency Access. Corporate art consultants may be able to help you sell your work as well, if that is your market. Make sure you’ve done your homework before approaching any potential agents.

Doing your homework means researching an agent to see if they work in segments of the art industry where your art fits (I primarily worked with a small segment of the art world interested in dark art exclusively. I never work with abstract artists, portrait artists, documentary photographers, landscape artists, fashion industry or anything that doesn’t fit into that style or brand because my galleries and collectors had no interest in that sort of art). Information retrieved from one article is not sufficient. Knowing simply that someone represents artists is not enough to approach them.

Again, you can do your best research with the help of your peers. I can’t say that enough.

Good luck!!