Dreams From a Petrified Head to be premiered at SITGES

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Back in 2010 I curated the specialty props for this amazing scifi short film written and directed by artist Dan Ouellette. Sculptures by Christopher Conte and Erin Colleen Williams as well as relics from various eras past can be seen in many shots throughout the film. Check out some movie still images as well as some shots of the artwork in the post.

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A Bitter Message

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A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief is a dark film that follows anthropomorphized machine-beings made of metal, gears and bones through...

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Here Comes the Rain

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Dan Ouellette‘s latest video, Here Comes the Rain, directed for JG Thirlwell of Foetus, has just been released.  It is quite...

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The Classic Grotesque of Olivier de Sagazan

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Performance artist, painter and sculptor, Olivier de Sagazan is not an artist those interested in the grotesque should miss. Share...

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Video Spotlight | Daniela Bertol

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For ages, Anagnorisis has been hoping to become more dedicated to showing video art during its monthly opening receptions at the White...

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Anag’s brand spankin’ new website was recently visited by the Malware Faery. This WordPress site is safe, but we’ve got...

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Dan Hillier Does Good Music Video

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I first heard of Dan Hillier via Phantasmaphile – recently my lurverly friend Celine reminded me of his amazingness.  He worked on...

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An Hour and a Day

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Kasia Houlihan’s video, “An Hour and a Day” is a meditation piece. Steeping in serenity, her planes will lull you. ...

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