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Anagnorisis Picks | Mia Brownell | Sloan Fine Art

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Mia Brownell |  Stomach Acid Dreams at Sloan Fine Art Opening this Wednesday is a wonderful exhibit by artist Mia Brownell who I knew nothing about until now. I’m wondering if, after seeing her work in person, her grapes and berries will still make me think of Chrisitian van Minnen‘s berries and fruit. Invoking the Old Masters while simultaneously commenting on contemporary food culture, Mia Brownell’s paintings challenge our ability to digest the intellectual as well as the sensual experience of what we choose to eat. With...

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Anagnorisis Picks

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Beyond our own opening of Jeff Faerber’s solo exhibit (A Tiny Simulacrum of Something Profound) this Friday, there are quite a few wonderful exhibits you should see. Lori Field’s The Sky is Falling at Claire Oliver Gallery Claire Oliver never fails to show amazing work.  I’ve been waiting for this particular exhibit for way too long! Opening September 9, Lori Field has new work that seems to be even more mesmerizing and mysterious than what I’ve seen her produce in the past.  Her work is intricate and lacy,...

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The Inspiration of Jeff Faerber

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The next splendid and talented person to exhibit their work at the White Rabbit will be artist and illustrator, Jeff Faerber. (NSFW.  Scroll down while at work at your own risk.) With a nod to the pop surreal, the figures in Jeff’s works are reminiscent of Egon Schiele’s: thin and bony, yet more mischievous than melancholy. Many of his works wax political with portraits of the most familiar talking heads of our times, while Jeff also explores his love for life, erotica and his environs with an eclectic mixture of subjects and...

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Journey to the End of the Night | Tun Myaing Solo Exhibit

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Please join us for the opening reception for Journey to the End of the Night, Burmese artist Tun Myaing’s first solo exhibit, taking place this Friday night. If you can’t make it in person or are interested in an online preview, an gallery of work available for sale at this show can be viewed here. I promise that while the works are indeed somber, we will keep you entertained! DJ Redboy will be returning to spin for us and the White Rabbit will on happy hour (tip your bartenders John and David really well because we love...

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Art Handlers’ Chance to Shine | Anagnorisis Pick

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Employee of the Month  |  Marianne Boesky Gallery I’m just going to paste the press release from the Boesky Gallery website. I couldn’t describe this exhibit in better words: The collaborators of The Art Handling Olympics and Dan Cameron Present Employee of the Month by Dan Cameron, Therapeutic Advisor It is with deep pride that we announce the opening of Employee of the Month, a group exhibition featuring original artworks made by many of the most gifted day-residents of the Marianne Boesky Gallery. Since its inception, the...

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A Journey with Tun Myaing

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Burmese artist Tun Myaing creates the work of the introvert. Seemingly extroverted himself, his works seek out those who hide within their thoughts; sad and pensive are his subjects. Yet, his paintings are vibrant with color and contrast, teeming with fights between shadow and light: in one there is hope and in the other there is despair. Such is the confusion he experienced first while growing up and then after arriving in the United States as a teen: “In my work I try to convey the sense of desperation and claustrophobia that overwhelmed...

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A Monstrous Weekend Ahead! | Anagnorisis Picks

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This coming Saturday, July 10th, is going to have folks reeling in northern Chelsea!  Four openings are taking place just a few blocks away from each other, so let’s say this would make for a great Saturday night Dark Art Walk.  Start with Joshua Liner Gallery first – the other reception at Last Rites will stay open much later into the evening, while Liner will most likely end right at 9pm. Travis Louie’s Curious Myths and Sylvia Ji’s Las Adelitas at Joshua Liner Gallery Both of these exhibits will be up through...

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Buddy Nestor | Angelic Possession | Online Gallery

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Opening this Friday is an absolutely beautiful solo exhibit of work by artist Buddy Nestor. During the opening only: Josh Graham (A Storm of Light and Neurosis) will be showing new video work similar to that which he showed via the Scion art exhibit recently in Brooklyn.   A video interview of Josh can be viewed on Juxtapoz. We will also be able to enjoy some live art making with Katie Perdue and Scott Cranmer. DJ Miz Margo will be spinning tunes. Please note that this work is no longer in our inventory and may not be for sale.  If you...

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Anag’s brand spankin’ new website was recently visited by the Malware Faery. This WordPress site is safe, but we’ve got to clean our code and convince Google to clear our name on the interwebs before we can get it going again. Sheesh. Please be patient with us. We are dedicating more of our spiritual souls towards worshiping the techno goddess. Suggestions as to what sacrifices have worked for you in the past would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully she will forgive us our trespasses soon. On that note, we are getting...

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Angelic Possession

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Portrait of Carrie Ann Baade Anagnorisis Fine Arts is proud to present Angelic Possession, a solo exhibit of portraits by emerging artist, Buddy Nestor, taking place at the White Rabbit Lounge in New York City from July 2 through August 3.  See below for more details. Buddy Nestor is an abstract painter. Not too long ago, he struck a strange new chord with portraiture, turning the beautiful faces of female artists into grotesque, distorted creatures, their features uncomfortably recognizable within melting forms, slashes and swirls of ...

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