Babble Report | New Prints by Nicoletta Ceccoli

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Nicoletta Ceccoli‘s porcelain creatures, in their odd, sticky-sweet surroundings seem a bit like illustrations for children’s books. The artist’s palette of childhood pastels and ghostly whites, softly rendered into gentle forms, are nurturing and inviting. This lure gives way quickly, revealing the uncanny, visceral qualities of her creatures’ gestures and facial expressions, belying their innocence and emotively exploring the confusion of adulthood. They are, in their surreality, uncomfortably real.

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O+ Prognosis is Excellent!

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Almost 2,000 people attended the 3rd Annual O+ Festival held in the Historic Stockade District of Uptown Kingston from October 5th through 7th this year. Amazing coverage for this groundbreaking event helped to make this year a tremendous success. All of the money raised goes toward the provision of medical supplies for the event. For more information on O+ or to learn how to become involved next year, please visit:

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Babble Report | Huff and Puff…

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I'm happy to report that many galleries have survived without damage and will be open for business as of this week. Life goes on. If you're in New York and can make it out, please show these artists your support. This is a status list of Manhattan exhibitions that have been interrupted by the storm.

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Swept Away

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Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, New York is going to have to get used to a new way of life. Beneath the gargantuan problem that its subways have never been flooded this extensively before, and its beachfronts have largely been safe from floods until now, it’s art market bubble may have just burst. New York and its inhabitants are tough folk. We'll be fine...just different. Links to info on gallery damage inside.

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Fantasy Comes in All Colors

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When artist Caitlin Hackett told me she'd been hired by the Folio Society, a publisher of fancy hardcover books from England, to illustrate a recreation of the old Lilac Fairy Book, I was, needless to say, just a little excited. Finally, after months of hard work, Caity announced today that the book is available for purchase.

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Babble Report | Paul Romano’s “Little Battle” at Articulated Gallery

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Philadelphia artist, Paul Romano's exciting solo exhibition Little Battle is a series of pieces that utilize an eclectic combination of symbols to explore the day to day challenges we endure. It is an exhibition of love and loss, hope and growth. Read more to see the lovely video LEVELER media made of the artist in his studio as well as pics from the exhibition.

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Dreams From a Petrified Head to be premiered at SITGES

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Back in 2010 I curated the specialty props for this amazing scifi short film written and directed by artist Dan Ouellette. Sculptures by Christopher Conte and Erin Colleen Williams as well as relics from various eras past can be seen in many shots throughout the film. Check out some movie still images as well as some shots of the artwork in the post.

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Babble Report | Alix Sloan’s “Awakened” Exhibition Benefits Animals in Need

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Alix Sloan of Sloan Fine Arts and AFA Gallery are about to open their newest group exhibition entitled Awakened with an absolutely amazing roster of artists. A portion of all sales from the show, including book sales, will be donated to, North America's largest non-profit pet adoption website, to help support the organization's mission of finding homes for wayward creatures.

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Babble Report | The Photography of Prog Rock Icon

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I recently interviewed bassist Tony Levin about this new digital photography project amongst other things for the O Positive Festival Blog. Tony's shots are candid and evince the surrealistic madness that comes upon a musician who has been on tour for months, trapped in the “…lobby life of hurry-up-and-wait…for the odd shaped keys that lead to new soap and envelopes.”

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Babble Report | More Luv from Juxtapoz

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I'm excited to say that I've been getting a lot of love from Juxtapoz Magazine lately. My interview with Allison Sommers in their Halloween print issue curated by artist Alex Pardee has been a big hit. More recently, my short write-up on Buddy Nestor has popped up in their digital form. Go check it out, here.

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Babble Report | Jeremy Hush’s “At A Loss For Words” Sneak Peek

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My recent visit to Philadelphia brought me to the studio of Jeremy Hush who is in the midst of preparing for a new solo exhibition, At a Loss for Words. Jeremy told me that this particular series of works revolves around dispassion; a lying down and giving up. Human figures are depicted white-eyed and comatose, half-buried in forest ground-cover decomposing into the earth. More sentient animals are seen investigating and, in some cases, nesting inside these abandoned idle human husks.

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If you’ve not already noticed, there have been some changes that have taken place over here, the most obvious being the name of the...

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Juxtapoz | Interview with Allison Sommers

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On Instagram, Thinkspace Gallery just posted a nice shot of Allison Sommers posing all sexy-like in the next issue of Juxtapoz . I'm especially excited about this issue coming out in October because Yours Truly had a blast conducting the interview.

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Babble Report | Martin Wittfooth Studio Visit and Empire Sneak Peek

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Check out the shots I took of Martin Wittfooth's studio, freshly published on the Creep Machine. You'll get some details of some of the paintings from his new Empire series, which he'll have on exhibit starting on September 15th at Corey Helford Gallery.

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O+ Art Festival Tackles Health Coverage for Artists

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Calling all artists (and performers of all kinds)! Exchange your art for health services this fall! One of the most dire problems in the...

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Babble Report | Three Shows of Somber Beauty at Nucleus Gallery

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Get thee down to Nucleus Gallery for a triple exhibition. There are two solo shows, Stasis and Larvae, from Cam de Leon and Jeremy Enecio respectively. On top of that is a group show entitled Hollow Thoughts: A Skull Show, which should fulfill your need for memento mori for the next few months.

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Babble Report | Guild of the Black Eagle 5 at Fuse Gallery

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David Hochbaum recently curated my artwork into an all-woman's group exhibition that recently opened at Fuse Gallery. In support of us all, I wrote a little blurb about the show on the Creep.

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Anagnorisis Picks | June

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Welcome to June, everyone. I’m very proud to announce that I have two exhibitions opening in this lurverly summer month. One even has...

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Anagnorisis Picks | May

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Before I knew it, May had arrived. And thus this post is late. Already underway is our second round of 2012 New York art fairs. To best...

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As announced many moons ago, there have been changes afoot in my little tiny world. This new website is one of them. I do hope you like...

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