Upgrade Commencing. Please Hold.

It takes a long time to go through grad school, especially when you’ve decided to stretch a two-year program into three.

How cool is it that the Information Science program I’m a part of is at Pratt Institute, which is predominantly an art university? I think it’s amazing because it’s allowing me to gain a strong body of knowledge about how cultural institutions, including art libraries and art museums and art archives, make all their collections findable online.

My goal is to find myself a position either in one of these aforementioned organizations, or in the private sector, working with an image library.

I’ve just finished a stint at The Rockefeller University, helping their Communications department set up an image repository (aka a Media Asset Management system), and I’m now working for Time, Inc. as an image librarian. I basically work with the digital images shot by professional photographers for a few of Time’s publications. I’m not yet working with art all day, but it’s a step in the right direction.

In the meantime, I’m studying how art images are cataloged, the various tools used (e.g. software, vocabularies, preservation, etc.), and the ways in which copyright has become very complicated with our use of the internet.

It’s been quiet on my blog since I started this grad program. Not sure how many people might still read this. I’m posting here now to keep the blog alive, and to mark a place in time to look back upon should I be able to come back and fully resurrect my curatorial work.


Please hold…

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