Artful Weekend Plans | Anagnorisis Picks

Artful Weekend Plans | Anagnorisis Picks

This weekend is going to be a wonderful one for the arts – there’s a lot going on and I won’t be able to come close to touching upon most of it. This is the second of the two art fair seasons in New York, so beyond the various art fairs to attend, there are also lots of events and exhibitions planned in concurrence. Paper Mag is calling it Spring Art Week (check out their guide here) and Art Fag City has some great recommendations here.

Here are my recommendations for the weekend to round out what’s not linked above:

Frieze Art Fair


I’m still on artfair overload from March and probably will be until February next year. Even so, I’ve been convinced to attend the Frieze Art Fair taking place on Randall’s Island this Friday (the fair lasts all weekend). The common word my friends have been using to describe last year’s Frieze is “Civilized,” which, while it could mean a myriad of things, seems to be putting a look of bliss on all their faces.

First, if you’re so inclined, a ferry boat ride takes visitors from Manhattan to the island and back. It will be a bit chilly, but I’m looking forward to having the breeze in my hair for a short ride. Frieze sets up tents with wide alleys allowing for better traffic flow than the other cubicalled art fairs (Pulse and Parallax and probably some others will be going on as well). Overall, the atmosphere will be quite pleasant. There is also a lot of great art – I almost forgot to mention that.

The ticket price is high at $42. Add on to that the round trip ferry cost of $12 (you can’t purchase one way if you prefer to take the pedestrian walkway or the bus back into the city), and you might as well have taken a trip upstate to Storm King. A trip up to the Cloisters is less expensive and just as blissful. You could visit two or three New York museums for that price (depending on where you go)…but Frieze will have an impressive array of contemporary art carefully curated that you won’t be able to see anywhere else. Also, this fair is setting itself apart from what some people in the industry are starting to call an ‘art mall‘. It is looking to attract a wealthy crowd that hopefully takes art very seriously over a tourist crowd looking to ogle weird art stuff. If you want to go, buy your tickets online. They sell out fast.

Wim Delvoye at Sperone Westwater

sculpture by Wim Delvoye

sculpture by Wim Delvoye

I almost passed out in a giant heap on the floor when I found out about this exhibition. The opening reception is on Friday, so I’ll be attending even if my feet are stumps from having tramped around for hours at Frieze earlier in the day. If the black hole of joy that is Wim’s website doesn’t get you (here it is…be patient and click things), his gorgeous lace-cut industrial sculptures will. His work is somewhat eclectic. His mediums range from tattooed live pigs to lace-cut industrial machinery; from net-art computer interfaces to bronze sculptures integrated with found objects. I say ‘somewhat eclectic’ because there is a connective thread consisting of the grotesque, the sublime and the abject in his works that play with taboo. His works are beautiful, yet often uncomfortable and absurd. I’m not sure what to expect from this New York exhibition, but I’m excited. It’s the first time I’ll be seeing his work in person (except, of course, his weird website).

Form and Substance at the Gowanus Ballroom

projection mapping artwork by Joanie Lemercier

projection mapping artwork by Joanie Lemercier

Artist Christina Graf, known for her paper dress sculptures and installations, told me a little while ago about this wonderful exhibition that will be up for only a few days at the Gowanus Ballroom in Brooklyn this weekend. This space is known for it’s alternative art parties – the space is cavernous and allows for very large, experimental works to be shown. Most excitingly, this exhibition is focusing on the newish medium of projection mapping – a beautiful way of combining photography, computer art, sound, video and a myriad of other mediums all in one. I’m not sure how Ms. Graf’s delicate and emotional sculpture will be integrated into the exhibition, but I’m excited to see what’s in store. Curated by Integrated Visions & Carolyn Devlyn-Antuna, the space is open and free to enter from 8-10pm. After that, the party starts with a $10 entry fee.

{edit: Just got a little update. There will indeed be some projection mapping on some of C. Graf’s paper dress sculptures in this show. Should be beautiful!}

Thinkspace Invades Philadelphia with the LAX/PHL group show

Allison Sommers's "One Theory on John Henry

Allison Sommers’s “One Theory on John Henry”

On Saturday, I’ll be ignoring the other art fairs and heading out to Philly. I’m very excited about this huge group exhibition curated by the guys out at Thinkspace, one of my favorite Los Angeles galleries. Working with artist Paul Romano out in Philly, they put together what is sure to be an overwhelmingly wonderful show at Gallery 309:

Los Angeles based gallery Thinkspace has teamed up with Gallery 309 in Philadelphia, PA to present ‘LAX / PHL’. This special group exhibition has been curated by Thinkspace to further introduce our roster to the City of Brotherly Love. Featuring new works from over 40 artists from around the world and an installation from Philly’s very own NoseGo, the exhibition will run from May 11th through June 21st with opening receptions scheduled for Saturday, May 11th (6-10PM) and Friday, June 21st (6-10PM).

With this special exhibit we aim to shed light on the burgeoning New Contemporary Art Movement that was birthed in Los Angeles and continues to spread out the world over, gaining momentum and winning over new devotees at an astounding rate. With roots firmly planted in illustration, pop culture imagery, comics, street art and graffiti, put quite simply the New Contemporary Art Movement is art for the people. Come discover your new favorite artist and find out why Thinkspace is regarded as one of the torch bearers of the New Contemporary Art Movement.

Featuring an installation from NoseGo and new works from:
Aaron Nagel, Adam Caldwell. Allison Sommers, Ana Bagayan, Antony Clarkson, Brett Amory, Catherine Brooks, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, Curiot, Dabs Myla, David Cooley, Dave MacDowell, Derek Gores, Drew Young, Elliot Brown, Erica Rose Levine, Erik Siador, Esao Andrews, Gaia, Ghostpatrol, Hans Haveron, Jacub Gagnon, Jason Thielke, Jeremy Hush, Jonathan Wayshak, Joram Roukes, Karla Ortiz, Kelly Vivanco, Kevin Peterson, Kikyz 1313, La Pandilla, Linnea Strid, Liz Brizzi, Mari Inukai, Mary Iverson, Meggs, Michael Ramstead, NoseGo, Paul Romano, Pixel Pancho, Rod Luff, Sarah Joncas, Seamus Conley, Seth Armstrong, Shark Toof, Stella Im Hultberg, Stephanie Buer, Timothy Karpinski, Yosuke Ueno

Gowanus in Gowanus at Littlefield curated by Jeff Faerber

painting by Daniel Ochoa

painting by Daniel Ochoa

Leaving New York City on Saturday means missing the opening reception of Jeff Faerber‘s most recent curated show. Jeff has an amazingly good eye for art. If you get stuck in Gowanus after the opening of Form and Substance, it will have been serendipitous. Don’t leave – go to this. I’ll be visiting at some point while the show is up, for sure.

On Sunday, I’ll be dragging myself back to the city from Philly, but shenanigans from the art fairs will still be going on all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. I highly recommend you check out the Pulse and Parallax fairs and tell me about it.

Next Wednesday, I’ll be making a very special announcement about a little project I’ve been working on with artist Caitlin Hackett. Since producing her solo exhibition back in 2010, I’m very excited to be working with her again on something new. Keep your eyes peeled! Here’s a hint:


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