Art New York This Week | Anagnorisis Picks

Art New York This Week | Anagnorisis Picks

It would seem that you all preferred my periodic art show picks emails over my glitchy calendar. Well, I suppose I don’t blame you. I’m no programmer…anyone feel like helping a girl out? Let me know what you can do. This would be a volunteer thing, not a paid gig, unfortunately.

So here are my picks for this week – mostly what I’ll be going to this very Saturday, February 23rd. Click on the headings to see exhibition details.

The Art of Scent | Museum of Art and Design

Art of Scent

Only up for a little tiny bit longer, this wonderfully unique exhibit smells intriguing! I’m always excited about unique media, and am curious as to how this exhibition will be exploring our noses’ ways of abstracting ideas. Images of the exhibition look creepy in a Space Odyssey kind of way; white walls with smelling impressions (or indentations) look like unimaginably smooth skin gently dimpled. Viewers incline their heads into each hallow to smell…something. I’m very excited for this, although my odd desire to find the walls soft to the touch will likely not be fulfilled.

Art of Scent

Art of Scent - Photo by Ric Kallaher

Art of Scent - Photo by Ric Kallaher

Drawing Surrealism | Morgan Library Museum


The Morgan is one of New York’s lesser-known treasures. The exhibitions they hold are divine and their gallery has something magical about it. Add the drawings of Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Leonora Carrington, and Joan Miró amongst others, and it becomes swoon-worthy. This exhibition is up until April 21st.

The Great Cantaloupe Day | AFA NYC


Joe Sorren recently moved over into full representation mode with AFA Gallery. I find it interesting when an artist who has been managing his own career takes such a step. It shows a renewed trust in the gallery system that tends to deal with business issues more efficiently than artists (this deal should help Sorren’s career thrive while allowing him to paint paint paint), but also indicates a step away from supporting the value of artwork sold directly from artists’ own ateliers (a practice that still thrives within the Pop Surrealist genre). At 5 figures, his work sells in a price point level separate from many of his Pop Surreal compatriots, which may explain his decision to work directly with this powerful gallery, known mostly for its work in dealing animation and concept art. I wish him the best with this career move and am excited to see where it goes. His first exhibition with AFA opens to the public on Sunday, but with a simple RSVP email you can attend the opening on Saturday night, the 23rd. This is a retrospective of his prints – rare editions will be available, and I’ve heard a rumor that he’ll have a new original painting or two on the wall.

Inside Voices | Parallel Art Space


WAY the buttfuck out east in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there is an art scene that stubbornly keeps moving east. In fact, Parallel Art Gallery is actually in Queens, right where it comes close to being Long Island. Luckily thar be public transportation for the car-less types such as myself.
I’ve never been enthusiastic about visiting Williamsburg or Greenpoint Brooklyn, but it’s energetic art scene continually, year after year, laughs in my face by expanding more and more. Probably to my detriment, I only go to galleries in these north Brooklyn areas for very special people, one of them being artist Paul Loughney whose minimalist works have an uncanny way of sending me into a dream-state. His collages create spaces, like the world seen through a mirror, familiar, yet undefinable.
Admittedly, I’m not very enthusiastic about the other works in the show. Their style is simply not my thing…and, my dear grotesque-loving readers, it’s probably not yours either, but this is part of my Saturday evening. The final stop for the evening’s shenanigans is on the opposite end of that scale:

Philias | Gristle Tattoo Gallery


Gristle Tattoo has been putting on some wonderfully precious exhibitions with narrative and dark-leaning artwork for about a couple of years now. I’ve always been impressed with what they accomplish in their tiny space, and they always bring in a gloriously talented group of artists. Again, this is in Williamsburg, but only a few blocks off the first stop out of Manhattan. Not so bad at all.

On view will be art by Amanda Shames, Anthony Pedro, Buddy Nestor, Candace Jean, Caitlin Hackett, Cats, Cory Benhatzel, Dan Harding, Dilek Baykara, Dylan Smith, Drew Maillard, Heather Gargon, Jackie Gallagher, Jasmine Worth, Jeremy Cross, Joka, Julia Movchan, Kat Gun, Kristin Forbes Mullane, Mary J Sheridan, Michal Brodka, Mike Attack, Mike Olsen, Mike Wohlberg, Rachel Bridge, Richard J Frost, Richard Meyer, Robert Kraiza and Zoe Williams.

So, there you have it. In your email inbox once again. More to come, I promise.

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