Babble Report | Huff and Puff…

Babble Report | Huff and Puff…

Huff and puff as much as you want, but New York Galleries are made of brick, fuck you very much, Sandy.

I’m happy to report that many galleries have survived without damage and will be open for business as of this week. Life goes on. If you’re in New York and can make it out, please show these artists your support. Their exhibitions have been interrupted by the storm; they’ve largely missed out on what attention they should have gotten. If you’re not nearby, check out their work online. The list below consists only of Manhattan galleries, unfortunately. If I have time, I’ll expand.

Do send New York all your love and strength. On Wednesday, we’re expecting a furry and fanged nor’easter to try to blow our houses down yet again. Oh, hell no!


Lori Field‘s exhibition, Wild Horses and Wallflowers , at Claire Oliver Gallery, open until November 24th:

Lori Field | I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did

The opening reception for Tiffany Bozic‘s exhibition, Transformation, at Joshua Liner Gallery has been rescheduled for this Thursday and will be on view until December 1st:

Tiffany Bozic | The Golden Gate

Brad Woodfin‘s Unwound and Dame Darcy‘s Handbook for Hot Witches at Alix Sloan’s pop-up gallery have both come down a couple of days early. No matter; the shows were highly successful. If you missed them, take a peek at the work online here.

Brad Woodfin | Below Salt

Dame Darcy | cover art for Handbook for Hot Witches

AFA Gallery is back open 7 days a week with Kathie Olivas‘s Haunted exhibition on view. This show will be on view until the end of December.

Kathie Olivas | Agitate

Aaron Nagel‘s show, Sovereign, will not be re-opening, it seems. A recent email from Lyons Wier Gallery states that they sustained some gallery damage (the artwork is OK, I assume) and will be re-opening on November 15th with its next exhibition of work by Melodie Provenzano. To view some of the paintings Nagel had on view, click here.

Aaron Nagel | A Swan Among Ducks

Melodie Provenzano | Rock Center

Jonathan Levine Gallery will be back open starting tomorrow, November 5th from 11-6. They’ve got two absolutely amazing solo exhibitions up right now: Ashley Wood’s Machine Sabbath and Jeremy Geddes’s Exhale. Both shows will be up until November 17th:

Ashley Wood

Jeremy Geddes | Pale Memory

Not sure when Bold Hype is going to re-open. Do check in with them if you are in the area, however. Their exhibition, 35MM, with acrylic paintings by Phil Noto is crisp and energetic. Not to be missed.

Phil Noto | THX

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