Swept Away

Swept Away

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, New York is going to have to get used to a new way of life. Beneath the gargantuan problem that its subways have never been flooded this extensively before, and its beachfronts have largely been safe from floods until now, its art market bubble may have just burst.

Sandy has choked New York’s art spirit this week. Galleries located in Manhattan’s SoHo, Lower East Side and especially Chelsea districts have all been hit very badly. Artists’ studios in Gowanus and Greenpoint Brooklyn have also experienced major damage from severely polluted floodwaters coming from the Gowanus Canal and the toxic Newtown Creek, respectively.

Heartfelt and heavy reportage has been coming from many of New York’s familiar art blogs. Hyperallergic has been especially involved in supplying resources for recovery. I’ve pasted some links below (there’s a lot more info if you google it):

ArtInfo: Hurricane Sandy Leaves Greenpoint Studios Wrecked, Destroying Years of Work

From art critic Jerry Saltz: Saltz’s Devastating Tour Through Chelsea’s Ruined Art Galleries

Hyperallergic’s multiple reports:
New York’s Art World Assessing Impact of Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy Report, 2 Days After
Hurricane Sandy Report, 3 Days After
Hurricane Sandy Report, 4 Days After

To donate or volunteer to New York’s relief effort, take a look at the InterOccupy hub here.

New York and its inhabitants are tough folk. We’ll be fine…just different.

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