Dreams From a Petrified Head to be premiered at SITGES

Dreams From a Petrified Head to be premiered at SITGES

I’m very excited for my good friend, artist and film maker, Dan Ouellette, who’s short film Dreams From a Petrified Head will be premiered at the SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia this coming October. I’m also very jealous that I won’t be hopping on a plane to join him on his trip.

Back in 2010 I curated the specialty props that decorate the main character Jeremy’s hallway. Artwork from Christopher Conte and Erin Colleen Williams as well as relics from various eras past can be seen in many shots throughout the film. Check out some movie still images as well as some shots of the artwork below (edit: just embedded the trailer for your viewing pleasure).

Close-up of Stoya who plays a supporting role in the film

Main character Jeremy’s menagerie including sculptures by Christopher Conte

Christopher Conte’s “Chronos II” Sculpture

Erin Colleen William’s “Replacement Liver” sculpture

Actors Stoya and Bryan Dechart (Jeremy)

Christopher Conte’s sculpture is filmed for possible inclusion in the film’s opening sequence

film still of main character Jeremy’s computer interface

another shot of main character Jeremy’s menagerie showing Christopher Conte’s “Decodroid” sculpture

Photos above were shot by Steve Prue, Dennis Blachut and yours truly, Samantha Levin.

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