Babble Report | Alix Sloan’s “Awakened” Exhibition Benefits Animals in Need

Babble Report | Alix Sloan’s “Awakened” Exhibition Benefits Animals in Need

Alix Sloan of Sloan Fine Arts and AFA Gallery are about to open their newest group exhibition entitled Awakened with an absolutely amazing roster of around 60 artists including Mia Brownell, Tim Burton, Jason D’Aquino, Travis Louie, Elizabeth McGrath, Scott Musgrove, Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters, Ransom & Mitchell, Maurice Sendak, Jonathan Viner, Eric White, Jennybird Alcantara and Brad Woodfin to name a few. This exhibition’s focus is on the powerful and positive impact pets have on our lives and in our homes. Prints by Nicoletta Ceccoli, Tom Everhart, Shepard Fairey, Camille Rose Garcia, Daniel Merriam and Marion Peck will be available in a live auction, led by celebrity pet advocate Pia Salk, during the opening reception. To boot, this exhibition will be celebrating the release of Alix Sloan’s new book, Pet Sitter: A Jenna Stack Mystery, which she wrote with writer and journalist Amy Eyrie.

A portion of all sales from the show, including book sales, will be donated to, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, to help support the organization’s mission of finding homes for wayward creatures.

The show opens this Thursday the 20th, however the opening cocktail reception takes place on the evening of the 22nd.  If you plan on attending, RSVP is required:  Hope to see you there!

Read more about this show on the Creep Machine here…

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