As announced many moons ago, there have been changes afoot in my little tiny world. This new website is one of them. I do hope you like it.

In conjunction with this change, I’m proud to announce my newest exhibition, Dark Signs (an exhibition of secrets) opening later this month at a new gallery.

EDIT: Due to circumstances that are beyond our control, the gallery and I have postponed our upcoming exhibition, Dark Signs. No exhibition should go on without being properly set up and promoted. More information to come.

Exhibiting artists include:
Jeremy Hush, Paul Romano, Buddy Nestor, Dan Ouellette (pictured at left), David Hochbaum, Ivan Lee Mora, Marcus Poston, Caitlin Hackett, Seldon Hunt, Cam de Leon, Yuri Leonov, Carrie Ann Baade (and in the curators’ corner: Benjamin Parkes of Zahzo Gallery and yours truly).

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