Babble Report | Joshua Hagler and His Imagined Chase

Babble Report  |  Joshua Hagler and His Imagined Chase

Jeff Faerber introduced me to the phrenetic artwork of Joshua Hagler a few months ago. His work is quite alluring and strange, visceral, grotesque and sensual. Many of his works are confusing blobs of flesh, cloth, blood, light, metal and water, churning and changing in gurgling currents. However scattered that may sound, what forms and figures he uses are bluntly recognizable and intimately disturbing. His works explore ideas born from an “intense personal necessity” to utilize religious content and tear into those psychological trigger-points that confuse and test religious beliefs.

I recently posted about his upcoming show on the Creep Machine. Read more…

All images courtesy of the artist and Frey Norris Contemporary & Modern

(Babble Reports are short portal posts that link to Samantha’s writing for other publications)

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