Han Hoogerbrugge’s Flash

Han Hoogerbrugge’s Flash

I discovered Han Hoogerbrugge years ago about when Flash software was first becoming popular.  To this day I think that he is the only artist to use the medium in a purely artistic fashion without getting distracted by Flash’s…well…flashiness.

He’s about to have a solo exhibition in Rotterdam.  Since most of you aren’t there, check out his online animated interactive artworks which are surreal, dark and humorous.  Make sure you have your sound on and are ready to use your mouse to click and roll-over his images.  When experiencing Hans’s work, let your curiosity go:

Flow (this is my favorite – you need to take part with your mouse to see the entire show)

Modern Living / Neurotica Series 

Hotel (an interactive story in ten parts – takes serial art in a new direction)



Thanks to Who Killed Bambi for reminding me of this artist!

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