Dark Accessories as Wearable Art

Dark Accessories as Wearable Art

I rarely post fashion up here, but these two artists, Wren Britton and J. L. Schnabel, do amazing work that obliterates any lines that separate fashion from fine art.

I’ve watched Wren Britton and his line of found object accessories and clothing PureVile climb up the ladder to success.

He’s due to pop up in San Francisco soon (we New Yorkers are spoiled and get to have at him all the time). I may have found out about this too late  – he’s due to be at Five and Diamond in San Francisco this Thursday, the 28th of July, from 6-9pm.  That’s today…  Sorry folks.

He also just popped upon Coilhouse.


J. L. Schnabel is about to release a new line of Blood Milk jewelry.  Her work is exquisitely created, detailed and thoughtful.  Follow her blog to find out what other new works she’ll be releasing soon.  She’s also a writer for Hi Fructose Magazine and a widely exhibited painter, so there’s lots to absorb from her site.

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