ISAM – Control over Nature | Tessa and Tobin Collaborate

ISAM – Control over Nature  |  Tessa and Tobin Collaborate

How upset am I that I’m not in London?  There are no words.

Not only is Tessa Farmer currently showing new work at Danielle Arnaud gallery in London (check out Wurzeltod‘s images here), but she has collaborated with none other than aural genius, Amon Tobin, in conjunction with his new album ISAM – Control over Nature.  Performances of this collaboration will be shown in London’s Crypt Gallery.

If that wasn’t enough to make me cry like a little girl, the Crypt Gallery just happens to reside in the Crypt of St Pancras Parish Church, which was designed and used for coffin burials from 1822.  Echoing stone walls, dust, ghosts, memories, found objects and found noises, detritus, bugs (alive and dead and manipulated), shadows…  And I’m not there…

Detail of Farmer's sculpture shot by Pelle Crepin

Thus far, there don’t seem to be any plans to bring the performance to the US.  Cross your fingers.

The gorgeous images of Tessa’s work seen above were taken by Pelle Crepin for inclusion in a limited edition booklet that comes with an old fashioned CD of Amon’s bricolaged noise. Pelle’s shots finally show some of the details that make Tessa’s impossibly intricate and delicate.  There are few more on Amon’s website as well as all the new music.

Inside London's Crypt Gallery

I caved and downloaded mp3s of the album (I prefer higher quality sound files).  I’ve currently got this new noise up to eleven and I’m convulsing.  It’s that good.

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