Anagnorisis Has Been Nestored!

Yes, we have!

All kidding aside, the portraits Buddy Nestor has created of both Danielle Ezzo and Samantha Levin are stunning indeed!  Although Danielle has stepped aside from most Anagnorisis Fine Arts activities, we’d still like to share with you these wonderful works as a pair.  Most models from Buddy’s portraits of good girls going to hell are female artists.  Danielle and I are no exceptions to that rule.

Buddy Nestor | Samantha Levin

Buddy Nestor | Danielle Ezzo

If you plan on being in Cologne Germany in the coming months (you never know!), both works will be on view at the Blooom Art Fair (in conjunction with the famed Art 21) in the same booth with David Hochbaum, Jeff Faerber, C. J. Stahl and Ivan Lee Mora.  I wish I could be there!!

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