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Anagnorisis is pleased to announce that its own curator, Danielle Ezzo, has officially accepted the position of Curating Editor of Art + Culture Magazine. A+C is a young, New York City based online hub for creatives of all walks of life, art appreciators, and critics to connect and collaborate.

She will be maintaining a blog dealing with Lowbrow, Pop Surrealism, and the Grotesque Arts, focusing primarily on a darker or macabre aesthetic. Danielle expects to update twice a week with relevant critique, event coverage and artist interviews. To read her new post, “Understanding Grotesque” and previous entries, please click here.

A+C is a fantastic new platform, and encourage my fellow artists/musicians to join our network. Have a moment? Become a member! If you’re already a member, add Danielle as a friend to stay up-to-date with her writing.

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